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OS Sunday – With All the Sniffling and Sneezing, There Must be an Epidemic

December 9, 2012

With the loss of one of my favorite Linux Distros a few months ago I was quite happy to find another group of Brazilian Developers who have picked up the charge and have continued down a path of what I hope to be Linux Greatness. The loss of Dream Linux was a bit of a blow but with this find, I hope to move past that and focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday. Epidemic Linux is a Debian Based DVD distro that features a KDE Desktop. The site is all in Portuguese so I suggest you have Google Translate turned on.

Right off the bat I ran into a bit of a glitch in trying to download from the North American Mirror but that was rectified by simply switching to another Mirror and the 1.6GB download arrived very quickly. The Live Boot was incredibly fast on the OpenBox Virtual Machine that I opened for it with 4GB of RAM and 20GB of Disk Space.

Epidemic Linux has a unique Graphic Installer though. It takes me back to my early days of Mepis Linux but once I got the lay of the land, it was a refreshing change and I had the installer purring along in a matter of minutes. The install itself took less than 10 minutes and the first boot took 30 seconds to bring me to the impressive KDE Desktop. So far I was quite impressed.

Right off the bat I took a quick lay of the land and was quite impressed with how things were laid out. The developers took a vanilla version of KDE and added some Brazilian “Spice” to it. The choices for default Apps was well appointed and I would agree with all but one of the choices:

Web Browser – both Konquoror and Ice Weasel (Linux version of Firefox)
Office Productivity – LibreOffice
Multimedia – Amarok, Juk, Dragon Player, Kaffeine and VLC
Other Internet – Google Gadgets, Blogio, KTorrent and KMail

Using Synaptic Package Manager I was able to refresh the Repositories and download Chromium and some of my other preferred Apps quickly and efficiently rounding out the setup that I would want from a Distro. Everything was very responsive and it all appeared to be very stable. I was even able to tap into the Network Share using the preconfigured Samba platform but as I was feel when I am working with a KDE desktop…there is something missing that I have never really been able to put my finger on. Outwardly I love how KDE sets things up…but for what ever reason (and Kubuntu has lived the same fate with me) I go back to Gnome, Unity or XFCE every time.

For that reason…and it is not a really good reason, I have to give Epidemic Linux a:

I will however continue to work with this Distro…hoping that it will convert me and make me love KDE.


Chris J Powell
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