Linux Standards

Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard describes the standard layout of a Linux system. This is a good site for anyone who wants to learn and understand how and why Linux is organized the way in which it is.

LSB is a project that aims to develop a specific standard for Linux distributions

Shell Scripts

This is a bash shell script template generator. This script can be used to assist in writing your own shell scripts. Generated templates include useful shell functions, error and signal handling, command-line option and argument parsing.

Popular Linux Distros

One of the most popular distros that is very accesible for beginners. Lubuntu spin is beneficial for PCs that are underpowered.

An aesthetically pleasing distro with very few preinstalled applications. It is known for its beautiful desktop environment.

A polished distro mainly targeted towards developers and system administrators. A secure distro with the ability to create your own version of the OS.