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A Deeper Look At Linux Mint

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When you use to be on laptops and computers the whole entire day you probably just played game, and that’s it, nothing special or important about it, so what is there to learn about it now. Well you can learn about the graphics, what kind of storage it has and so on. One of the main things you should consider is the operating system. Now you may be wondering what an operating system is, well let me explain. An operating system is a low level software, it helps in supporting the basic functions of a computer, such as scheduling tasks, controlling peripherals and so on. It can also be considered as an interface between the computer hardware, and the computer users. There are all kinds of operating systems, one which you may be familiar with is Windows, or Mac, which are two of the most popular ones. 

Now these aren’t the only ones, there is one which you may have not heard about as it was recently released. This is the Linux Mint, many people are aware of such a thing, so why not take a deeper look at Linux Mint, and see what there is to know. You never know it could be the new Windows or Mac, so it’s important to see if it has the potential to become more popular than two of the most common operating systems in the world. 

What is this?

This is a community driven operating system that can be participated in. It is based on Ubuntu and Debian, the point of this was to be more modern and elegant, but comfortable at the same time. Not only that but it was also supposed to be easy to use, and powerful at he same time. On Linux Mint there are variety of new things that were not present in previous operating systems. The main advantage is that it allows for a lot more flexibility. For example, when you look at an adult dating platform like Local Sex App, they have a consistent need to update and add new features to compete in the casual dating application space. When they created the “find sex near me” feature it was a change for the hook up app that required flexibility of its operating system. Changes had to be made in the way sex site user data was fetched and used without adversely affecting other functions built in to this sex dating app for both the mobile and web version. This is just one example of an adult web application that was served by utilizing an OS and distribution that allowed for maximum flexibility.

This is actually pretty old, with the initial release being in 2006, but the latest release was dropped in December 2019. With newer releases having more features. Some of best features are one that it is multilingual, so it’s easy fore people, and breaks that language barriers that most people have to deal with. It is also has a wide range of software available, like the HexChat, Pidgin, VLC media player, GIMP, and more, and these mentioned software’s aren’t available on operating systems like Ubuntu. Not only that but customizable ports are also available, and the networking ports can be closed off using its firewall. Also it is available in many desktop environments. And you can choose from the defaults as well, which are Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce. If you want other environments then you’ll have to install it yourself via APT, or any custom Mint Software Manager. 

It also come equipped with a number of tools as well, like a software manager, which is designed to install software from Linux, or Ubuntu. Then there is the update manager, this will prevent inexperienced users from installing any updates, as they may not have the likely knowledge on how to do so. They also have a main menu, which includes the installations, filtering, removal of software and systems. Not only that but back up tools are also available, so you can easily restore you data. An upload manage, which aids with the uploading of servers, domain blockers, which are basically parental controls are also something you can find in this. They also have desktop settings, welcome screens, this is all for desktop purposes. A formatter is also there, it will help with the writing for an image onto a USB. And lastly they have systems reports, which allows users to manage and view the crashes, and fix the issues later on. 

Why Use Linux Mint?

Looking further into this distro will help with a great deal of things, it could be a deciding factor of whether or not you should install it. Now you should install it because the interface seems very familiar, and comfortable, so it won’t feel like you’re reaching for something know. Plus there are pre-installed apps, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading and installing it yourself. Also it has customization options, and it is easy to do, so you can adjust it however way you like, so you can gain the best benefits for you. Moreover it is know to have the best software manager, not only that, but Linux Mint is extremely compatible, it doesn’t need powerful hardware. Overall it is just great.

However, there can be some issues with it too, like it may be too difficult for new users to use, as it may be a bit confusing. But after sometime it shouldn’t be a problem. Also you would have to install it yourself which can be frustrating, and not to mentions time consuming.  And since these are new there is a disadvantage that it may not be stable, so have to consider that. 

How to install

There are a couple of steps that you will have to follow, first of all you will have to make a live USB or a disk you can go on to the download and burn it onto a disk from there. Next you want to make a partition for Linux Mint, make sure that you use a new one and not a recovery. Then you want to boot it to the live USB, you can do this by plugging it in and restarting the computer. After that start the installation, this may take some time due to the boot, but after that follow along with the steps on the screen, then prepare the partition for it, then create the root, swap, and home, and then follow along with the trivial instructions and then you’re all done.

If you have any issue with these you could always try following a tutorial online, and it will help you get a better understanding. Or you ask someone to install it for you for a couple of bucks. …

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