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A Linux Starting Point

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The Operating system, Linux is the one like Mac OS X and Windows. It is the interface among the hardware and software. It maintains the computer hardware and offers services for the applications. It became the platform for running the embedded systems, desktop, and servers. It has different distributions and variations due to its modular design and it was enhanced as Minix alternative. A Linux kernel is Linux system core or base as it plans processes, maintains basic peripheral devices, withstands access of network. It offers different benefits and this is the reason it is mostly utilized than other operating systems from cars to house appliances and from super computers to smartphones.

What are the benefits of a Linux system?

Let’s discuss about various advantages of a Linux system.


The Linux operating system is offering more security than other operating systems. It is not yet secure in a complete manner but it is less prone than other OS. The administrator needs to offer authorization whether it is a program or application in the password form. Till you type the password, even a virus cannot be executed in this operating system. You don’t need any anti-virus software in this OS.

Open source OS:

The major benefits of Linux are that it is an open source. Its code of source is accessible to anyone. The one who is able to code can enhance, modify, contribute, and distribute the code to any person for any type of operation.

Updates of software:

You need to face a lot of software upgrades. These updates of software are with fast pace than any other operating system known to all. The upgrades in this operating system is easily performed without coming through any concern or issue.

Revive the older systems:

This operating system utilizes your outdated or old systems as router, firewall, or backup server. You can discover various accessible distributions to utilize based on your capability of system.

Different distributions:

You can find many distributions of Linux normally referred to as Linux distros. It offers different options to the users using this OS. You can choose from any bistros based on your requirements. Few of the distros are Arch Linux, Debian, Linux Mint etc. You can utilize Linux Mint or Ubuntu if you are the amateur.


The highlights which offers main benefit compared with another OS’s is customization or personalization. You can be able to customize any highlights, delete or add the highlight based on your requirement. Different attractive and wonderful wallpapers can be introduced to offer an incredible appearance to your computer.

Support of large community:

On the web, many of the forums are created by users for helping and solving the issues any user is going through and facing it. You can find many of the good programmers for helping you if you face any issues anytime or anywhere.

Free to utilize:

This operating system is accessible online to use and download. You don’t have to purchase license as many of them come with general public authorization. It is proved that it is one of the main benefits of a Linux operating system.

Thus, these are the best advantages of the Linux operating system which makes it a unique OS than other operating systems.…

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